Privacy Policy

“CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain kindly ask you to provide your information in order to better familiarize you to purchase our “best-prize” merchandize and to use our web-site, ”CAM-ALL”. We take the issue of safeguarding your privacy very seriously.

  • We are very seriously taken care of your personal information. It is collected to assist us only for providing and creating better services.
  • Our privacy policy can be only applied in the service of “CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain.
  • We use your information only for our purpose explaining below.
  • We never provide your personal information to the third party unless we specified below.
  • We are able to revise the privacy policy without your permission.

If we decide to make changes, we will post those changes on our website to notice you the
changes apply for the new policy.

How do we apply the privacy policy?
  • Our privacy policy can only be applied when you use our website to purchase materials.
  • We properly manage the personal information which we collect from our web site
    by following this privacy policy.
  • Our privacy policy can not be applied the any third party which link from our web site.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to ascertain the privacy policies of external links.
  • We assume no responsibility whatsoever any harm arising from the use of any information obtained in exchange for personal information from external web sites linked to this web-site.

How do we use and collect the information?

Personal information is collected to assist us in making your order and providing the superior services to ensure we meet your needs.

  • You have your own responsibility to handle your ID and Password.
    So, we recommend that you change your password occasionally. Please not to use the
    same numbers or words such as your birth date, phone number. You should not tell your ID or pass ward to the third party even they are friends or family. Please do not write your ID or pass ward in the mail for us.
  • We will never disclose or provide your personal information to any third party, except in the
    following cases:
    The customer agrees to share their personal information.
    -Sending E-mail in order to request the agreement regarding the usage of personal information.
    -We entrust the handling of personal information to an outside party to smoothly conduct business or other reasons (in this case, such third party must have a contract with us to ensure appropriate management of personal information)
    -Sending E-mail or direct mail to you when we or our partner company advertize.
    -When the customer act against the terms of agreement of “CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain, we disclose in order to protect the rights, life and property of us, our partner company and other customers.
    -When required to cooperate with the activities determined by the law of national organization or local government. Such case as the investigation of the case, the violation of other person’s rights
  • We consider you agreed us to use personal information if we follow the way above and would never protest against us.
  • “CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain will share or provide the personal information to our partner companies when:
    a) We try to improve our business such as providing better service to our customer. (In this case, we never disclose without customers’ permission)
    b) We are going to analyze the data for marketing reasons. (In this case, we are going to share information which is covered the data easily to identify the individuals.)

Concerns about our handling of privacy policy should be addressed to:

MR SHUICH TAKANASHI the customer representatives

How to Order

On behalf of “CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain, [PAYPAL] will precede your payment of transaction.

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We will use Express Mail Service[EMS] service to ship your purchasing items.

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“CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain warrants any equipments those price must be more than $100 against defect for 90 days from you invoice date.

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“CAM-ALL” TAKANASHI Camera Chain accepts the return within 8 days from your invoice date.

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By E-mail

If you have a problem of ordering through our web site,Please send E-mail to us with the following information: Brand-name, Name of type, Order number.

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Customer's Voice

We often get feedback from customers who have bought a valuation from our website.
Look at the voice of the customers.

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